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Anti-vibration mounts and solutions for the Industrial Market supplied by ARNOT in Germiston, South Africa [ Back]

There is a series of rubber to metal bonded components for anti-vibration application from the world leader Trelleborg IAVS for which ACTOM is the distributor. These are imported components and sold under the various brand names Novibra™, Metacone™, Cushyfoot™, Cushyfloat™, and Metalastik™.

Other imported components are wire rope isolators from the French company Socitec and from the UK ACTOM supplies X-mounts from CMT Dynamics,modular trays or racks with or without vibration isolation from the Barry Controls™ range of products from Stop-Choc and couplings and shaft from theFerraflex range from Ferrabyrne. ACTOM has a longstanding relationship with these overseas manufacturers.

Locally manufactured rubber to metal components for these applications are made and supplied by ACTOM under the brand name Vibrex.

More information can be found on the ARNOT webpage http://www.arnotavs.co.za/industrial-vibration-noise.php